ZipLine Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge, Georgoa

Blairsville, GA

Approximate Driving Time: 30 Minutes

Take Hwy 515 South out of Blairsville toward Blue Ridge, GA (about 18 miles). Once you come into Blue Ridge, you will go through about 5 red lights before you get to the red light with Arby’s on the right and Burger King on the left. Turn right at the Arby’s red light onto Scenic Drive. Go 1.8 miles, and turn left on Sugar Creek Road. Go 3.5 miles, and take a right on Bearden Road. Go 2/10 of a mile, and take the first left on Old Cashes Valley Road. Stay on Old Cashes Valley Road until the road ends (about 1 mile), and you will see our entrance sign on the left. 

Please Note:

  • We are in the Eastern Time Zone.
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